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Its been a long time

So I haven't written in a while, and decided to take the opportunity of my wisdom teeth being taken out to post on update.
Well, right after my last entry I went to Paris for 2 weeks (pictures forthcoming), and had a wonderful time. I miss it so very much, and I would love to go back there again. However, two days before I was supposed to come back, my boyfriend broke up with me. I don't really want to go into detail, maybe some other time. But when I got back we had a long talk and decided to get back together. Its still painful, and my parents hate him for it, but in general we are working through it.

I have written almost nothing on my big bang, and so general cheerleading is much appreciated. I am going to try to finish it, I'm not giving up but I can make no garuntee, which makes me feel very guilty, but a lot of Real Life has been happening and I've lost time due to it. So cheerleading or even a beta at some point would be love!

(Also, I need a name for it.)

Yesterday we went to buy school supplies, and came out with the one supply I really needed: a tablet for my computer. Now I can keep all my notes, including music, on my computer! Just have to do lots of back ups. I also got Paint Shop Pro 12, which makes me very happy as I haven't had a good graphic program in years! Just $30 with rebates, which is really nice.

Also have gotten addicted to the new ABC show, Defying Gravity. Its a bit soap opera, but the production values are movie-quality, and its got NASA, which helps my muse for big bang. Now if I would just sit down and write...

Oh, and I may of gotten a job at Texas Ren Fest selling french food! The lady said I had the job, but now won't call me back, so I'm not sure. But still! I am excited.

So how are other people's lives? big bangs? How far behind am I at 2K?

Kamikaze Costuming Pt. 3

Kamikaze Costuming- Quick update

The Symphony was so much fun, had a total blast, loved every minute of it. Entered the costume contest, got to parade around on stage, didn't win but still had fun. The ones that won were very deserving of it.

Pictures coming after I get some rest.


Kamikazie costuming Pt. 2

Or, the Wrath of FRAYING!!!! (Picture Shatner saying that one...)
I hate polyester...soooo much...Collapse )


Kamikazie costuming Pt. 1

Pictures will be added once I get home, sry.

Right. So, here in Houston they are having a Star Trek Syphony on Thursday. I convinced my mother to get us tickets. The advertisements encourage you to wear sci-fi costumes, and so, of course, I need one.

You can only have 2: Cheep, Quick, or PerfectCollapse )


Writer's Block: Busting Blocks

It's blockbuster season in movie theaters. What was the last movie you saw?

Hmmm. The last one I saw was actually 'Land of the Lost', and I found it to be quite funny. The acknowledgment of the epic campy and silly made it rather enjoyable, though the sex jokes were often not needed. But I understood the inside jokes, having seen parts of the original series on Hulu.
Before that, it was probably Star Trek for the 5th time. God I miss that movie...its so wonderful.

Hopefully I'll go see Transformers today.

Writer's Block: Conversion Rate

Have you ever considered converting to another religion?

Oh wow, lets see, my religious history... The short answer is yes, I have thought about converting. In fact, technically I have twice. I was raised a Lutheran by my parents. Around 8th grade I became interested in wiccan, and converted to that. However, my parents would not let my practice, so after about a year that went out the window and I became atheist. I have also considered converting to Buddhism or hindu, though I think I would have the same problems with those that I do with most other religions. In my mind, its obvious- science can, and has, proven a great deal about our universe, and even what has not yet been understood soon will be. I know most people don't share these beliefs. But I operate on the idea that I don't bother you, you don't bother me. 

Work with me, characters!

 Oh dear. I seem to have hit a bit of a writer's block. Its probably because I haven't written in about 2 weeks, which is very bad. Tonight I have to get EITHER all the biographies done or the first chapter done, either one should break this streak. But any songs/movies that might be invigorating are greatly appreciated. Fanmixes/vids are also love.

I have a job! Well, of sorts. Selling Avon, so if anyone would like to buy some (though it might be a bit difficult on the internet, shipping it and all) I am now a Representative. Its a job. I can do it in France. I can do it at school. That is a good thing.


Big Bang housekeeping...

Ummm....So big bang is having sign-ups for support groups. I assume that those of us writing sparky have already started our own support group in a way. Should someone comment on big bang and make it official? Is there anyone who would prefer to be a loner?

The Sims 3 has been eating up my time...although, now its crashing, so perhaps its a sign that i need to get off of it...


Oo, look, a plot!

Programs being used: yWriter & MS Word 07. When it wants to play nice.
Words written: 0. Starting on Weekend Road Trip, which will occur this weekend. Yay Dallas!

Forgive me if this skips around. I am attempting to put it into sentences, because on my computer it’s an outline. It makes more sense to me when it’s organized like that, but for other's sake, I shall put it into words.

Oh wow. No idea if this makes ANY SENSE AT ALLCollapse )



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